Power Flushing & Radiators

Power flushing your radiators & 
central heating system

CD Fontanero Ltd offer over 20 years of combined experience, delivering quality power flushing to your central heating systems around Bristol, Bath, Gloucester and the surrounding areas.

Power flushing from £399 ex vat
for a typical 3 bedroom property in Bristol.

(Up-to 12 radiators)

Power flushing involves thoroughly cleaning your central heating pipes to offer maximum efficiency from your system. Sludge and debris will build up over a number of years, slowly decreasing your radiators output. With power flushing you  can save money quickly and easily. 

Contact our team for more information. We service Bristol, Bath, Gloucester and the surrounding areas.

What are the main reasons and benefits having your 
radiators power flushed?

There are several really good reasons for having your heating system and radiators in your home powered flushed, we have outline below some of the main benefits and problems that are customer have experienced to need power flushing in the first instance.

Boiler failure

If once you have investigated your boiler problem, and have eliminated all other faults that maybe causing it not to work properly, it might be overheating due to an excessive build up of sludge in your system. 

It should also be noted that if your boiler is failing as a result of sludge, and you haven't had a power flush your manufacturers warranty could well be not valid.

Pump and valve failure

Sludge can put additional pressure on the valve and shafts in your pipe work and boiler. When valve's stick this can cause your hot water to not come on, or cold radiators.

Wasting heating & Radiators feeling cold in parts

As a result of sludge building up in your radiators and heating system, you could find that your radiators are producing the heat that you require, and your typically end up with cold patches, and radiators feeling luke warm in parts.

There are numerous other benefits to having your radiators powered flushed, and we are only to happy to talk you through this when you contact us.

If you have any questions, or are thinking of having your system power flushed please feel free to contact us to discuss it further.

Power flushing and radiator services, call CD Fontanero Ltd on
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